When used efficiently, your heaters may operate as little as six hours a day. Thermostats maintain and regulate floor or ambient temperatures of your choosing 24/7. Ventilation and insulation play a critical role in operational cost. Our experienced team take all these factors into consideration when designing and installing your heating system, keeping cost down.

Below is a calculation to help you estimate the operational cost of your under floor heating system.

(Please contact your local municipality or consult your latest statement for exact kw/h cost. For simplicity we have used and average of 50c/kwh)


In environmental terms, electric under floor heating stands its ground. If one considers the massive complex manufacturing and logistic processes involved in producing solar systems or extracting fossil fuels, and compares it to the relative simplicity of an electrical system, with minimal equipment requirements, zero maintenance and low equipment replacement need, the benefits to the environment are clear.

All the world over, governments are scrambling towards clean energy generation. The energy of choice being electricity. Wind, Solar, and nuclear power being the top generating contenders. Electrically powered homes are here to stay, they are the future.

Solar water heating systems are restrictively expensive, and only the very wealthy have access to the very best technology. The burden of producing clean energy lies with electricity producers, individual homeowners have a responsibility to use the energy produced wisely.

A properly insulated home, with a modern electrical under floor heating system, used correctly and responsibly is, if not more environmentally friendly than a solar system , and a whole lot cheaper to.