Under floor heating raises the temperature of the floor which in turn raises the temperature of the air in the room by using extremely low temperatures, unlike gas, wood, coal or open element heaters. Essentially, under floor heating creates a climate. No matter the temperature outside, thermostats maintain the comfortable temperature you choose in the space intended. Best described by satisfied customers as, "Being able to walk barefoot around the house, in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of a Gauteng winter."


Cost effectiveness, safety, healthy, convenience, space and invisibility make it an obvious choice over gas, wood, coal or open element heaters.

The only conflict lies between electric and solar water heating options. The benefits of electrical under floor heating have been proven over many decades. At a mere fraction of the crippling cost of a solar system, dependant on expensive, complex components with limited life spans, and not as efficient as you have been lead to believe. Electric under floor heating is clearly superior Expertly installed, electrical under floor heating systems will provide decades of service with ZEROmaintenance. Adequate insulation, modern electronic thermostats and correct use, can translate to operational cost reductions of up to 30% against any other conventional heating systems, including solar when taking into consideration the massive installation, maintenance and equipment replacement cost over time.


Electrical under floor heating is also the safe and healthy option. Our systems are designed from start to finish with exceptional safety features. From earth shielded, excessive temperature limiting element cable technology, to tamper proof, state of the art electronic thermostats hard wired to your homes electrical safety mechanisms. No fires, no burning, no deadly gas leaks or explosions.


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