Tile Heating

Tiled underfloor heatingOur Thermagrid under tile heating system differs from carpet and underwood heaters in that cables are bonded to the floor.

The Thermagrid system sets itself apart form other systems with the use of a fiberglass scrim to which element cables are attached at exact pre-determined spacing’s to ensure uniform watts/m2 . This allows us to shape the heaters to any shape room and ensure better adhesion to the floor and tiles, while adding extra protection to the heating cables while tiling.

Comfort Zone also manufactures a unique bonding agent to replace water as the mixing agent in our screed.
It ensures an extremely powerful bond between the floor and fiberglass scrim. Once dry it allows for greater expansion and contraction absorption, strengthens the screed significantly providing better protection to the cables, and allows better adhesion for the tiles.

For wet areas such as a bathroom, we make use of earth shielded element cables, using the Thermagrid system. This ensures further protection  and is in accordance with industry safety standards. Thermostats are situated outside the room and fitted with a floor sensing probe to control climate.

This exact process is also followed for underwood screed systems where only earth element cables are used in accordance with industry standards.

Under Wood / Laminate Floors

Wood underfloor heatingNatural wooden floor and laminate floors both retain some moisture naturally, which leads to expansion and contraction when heated or cooled.
Our under wood heating pads are designed accordingly covering 90% of the floor surface and producing slightly lower watts per square meter.
This ensures the floor surface is heated uniformly andand expansion or contraction is absorbed by expansion joints at rhe edges of the floor.

Lockable thermostats are installed to prevent excessive temperatures for more delicate wood, as well as floor temperature sensing probes connected to the thermostat.
Element cables are encased between a thick protective foil covering, distributing heat evenly, preforming as a protective earth shield and rendering the element 100% waterproof.

Installation is quick and simple. Pads are installed at the same time the floors are laid, and can be used immediately after installation.

In terms of economy, safety and convenience, there is no better way to heat wooden floors.

An under wood screeded system is also available, please read more about this system at our under tile heating section.

Carpet Heating

Carpet underfloor heatingOur carpet heater are pre-manufactured between heavy duty foil mats. The foil has 4 distinct advantages.

  • Distributes heat evenly across the carpet
  • Acts as an earth shield
  • Withstand heavy traffic
  • Renders element cables 100% waterproof

Element cables across our range are designed to never overheat, offering further protection and safety.

Our foil mats are available in many different sizes and shapes allowing us to accommodate any size or shape room. Special bed set units allow us to cover areas around beds in particular.

Carpets pads are easily installed under existing carpets too.
Our installers are trained to lift and refit your carpets with relative ease, and special plug-in thermostats can be supplied to make use of existing plug points.

Our carpet heaters are extremely economical, warming up within 30 minutes of being switched on, and with their unrivalled safety features they stand out as the best choice to heat any carpeted area.

In-screed Heating

Screed underfloor heatingIn-screed heating gave birth to all forms of floor heating available today. This method has been in use for decades. Over the years it has lost popularity to more modern systems, and gained an unfair reputation as being inefficient and costly to operate.

We believe in-screed heating has many attributes which make it an excellent choice to heat your home.
In-screed heating cables are laid in the top screed of your concrete floor. This is done before a topping is thrown, but with the use of a special concrete saw we are able to install this system to existing floors.

In-screed heating can be used safely and efficiently under any floor covering. Wood, carpet, tiles etc. While over time these coverings will need replacement, your in-screed heaters will never need replacing, and can be covered many times over.

In-screed heating systems are also the least expensive option to install. Approximately  10% less in fact. While the system takes a bit longer to warm up, once warm it is as efficient and cost effective as any other system, even more so when used in conjunction with a  floor sensing digital programmable thermostat.

Heater Coverage

Many factors must be taken into account when determining heater coverage. Open plan designs, heavily trafficked areas, ventilation, single or double volume spaces, sun exposure and insulation are some of the more important ones.
Comfort Zone considers all these factors when designing your system.

Industry standards delicate 1KW heating per 10m2 .
Therefore, a 20m2 bedroom would require 2kw heating .
Our elements are designed accordingly.

Tile Heating          =   5,4m2/kw     20m2  room has 54% coverage
Carpet Heating    =       5m2/kw    20m2 has 50% coverage
Wood Heating     =      9m2/kw     20m2 has 90% coverage




Arguably the most important part of any under floor heating system is the thermostat.

The thermostat brings your heating system under control, allowing you to create the climate in the room while this is its most basic function, it is also integral in economising your system.

Modern electronic thermostat offer programming features and time setting which help in using your system to its full potential, and saving you money. Smart thermostats allow you to control climate remotely from anywhere on the planet.

We stock a wide variety of thermostat to suit any installation.

  • Analogue - Simple on/off, ambiece/floor sensing units with mechanical dial.

  • Digital - Digital display, on/off, ambience/floor sensing units with push button control.

  • Digital Programmable - Digital display units, fully Programmable with holiday, weekend, in week,

Moring, afternoon, evening, and sleep time settings. These thermostats can cut Operating cost by up to 30% when used.

  • Plug in Thermostat - Available in analogue,and  digital.
  • Plug directly into existing  wall plug socket.

      Generally used in under carpet applications.